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Heavy Hex Structural Bolt

Heavy hex structural bolts are designed for steel-to-steel connections and include ASTM A325 and A490 specifications, which covers bolts from 1/2” up to 1-1/2” in diameter. Since these heavy hex bolts are intended for structural connections, they have shorter thread lengths than standard hex bolts.

Heavy Hex Bolts are designed for use in a variety of high temperature, high strength industrial applications, such as with steel fabrication and general construction. They feature a thicker head than standard or regular hex bolts, and offer a greater bearing surface that distributes the clamping load over a wider area.

Size Range
Diameter Metric : M12 to M42
Inch: 5/16" to 2"
Length Metric : 20 mm to 300 mm
Inch: 7/8" to 12"
Technical Specifications
Tensile StrengthSize RangeEquivalent Standards
Property ClassDiameterLength
60000 to 174000400 to 12004.6 to 12.9M12 to M425/16“ to 2"20 mm to 300 mm7/8" to 12"3757741269144395B18.2.3.7M B18.2.4.6MB1186

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