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Socket Head Cap Screw

Socket cap screws are machine screws with a cylindrical barrel shaped head containing a hexagonal socket. The head has a smaller diameter than most other machine screw heads, typically just 1.5 times the nominal thread diameter. Socket cap screws may also be referred to as a socket head cap screw, a cap head socket screw or hex socket head screw.

Size Range
Diameter Metric: M8 to M42
Inch: 5/16" to 2"
Length Metric: 20 mm to 300 mm
Inch: 7/8 to 12"
Technical Specifications
Tensile StrengthSize RangeEquivalent Standards
Property ClassDiameterLength
60000 to 174000400 to 12004.6 to 12.9M8 to M425/16“ to 2"20 mm to 300 mm7/8" to 12"226947629124168 2470B18.3.1MB1176

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