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Fish Bolt

A fish plate, splice bar or joint bar is a metal connecting plate used to bolt the ends of two rails into a continuous track .

Fish bolt is the fastener used on this plates for jointing.

Size Range
Diameter 3/4" to 1-3/4"
Length 4" to 12"
Technical Specifications
d3/4" - 10 UNC7/8" - 9 UNC1" - 8 UNC1-1/8" - 7 UNC
dk (nom.)1-9/321-31/641-11/161-57/64
dk (min.)1.21881.42191.62501.8281
dk (max.)1.34381.54691.75001.9531
k (nom.)15-3235-645-845-64
k (min.)0.40630.48440.56250.6406
k (max.)0.53130.60940.68750.7656
ds (nom.)61/641-5/321-11/321-15/32
ds (min.)0.92191.12501.31251.4375
ds (max.)0.98441.18751.37501.5000
ds1 (nom.)63/641-3/161-3/81-1/2
ds1 (min.)0.95311.15631.34381.5313
ds1 (max.)1.01561.21881.40631.4688

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