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Round Head Rivit

A rivet is a permanent mechanical fastener. Before being installed, a rivet consists of a smooth cylindrical shaft with a head on one end. The end opposite to the head is called the tail. On installation, the rivet is placed in a punched or drilled hole, and the tail is upset, or bucked (i.e., deformed), so that it expands to about 1.5 times the original shaft diameter, holding the rivet in place .

Size Range
Diameter 3/8" to 1-3/8"
Length 10 mm to 500 mm
Technical Specifications

d 3 min1.872.372.873.874.825.826.827.769.4
e max11.251.522.533.545
k 6601.
K 66111.21.422.533.54-

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