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Carriage Bolt

There are specially designed types of bolts for these applications which are termed carriage bolts. Earlier in the 1800s, these bolts were used in the construction of carriages and their wheels. That is where they get their name. These bolts come in various styles and head and neck shapes.

Size Range
Diameter M8 to M20 5/16" to 3/4"
Length 20 mm to 200 mm 1" to 8"
Technical Specifications
SizePitchdk (Min.)dk (Max.)ds (Min.)ds (Max.)f (Min.)f (Max.)k (Min.)k (Max.)r1 (Ref.)r2 (Max.)r3 (Max.)v (Min.)v (Max.)
M 50.812.4513.554.5252.
M 6115.4516.555.5263.
M 81.2519.3520.657.4284.
M 101.523.3524.659.42105.46.64.625.3819.
M 121.7529.3530.6511.3127.258.756.056.9524.111.811.312.7
M 16237.238.815.31611.

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