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Square Bolt with Dog Point

Size Range
Diameter M6 to M30
Length 25 mm to 300 mm
Technical Specifications
Screw Thread dM5M6M8M10M12M16M16M20M20M24
P Pitch0.811.251.51.75222.52.53
dp (max.)3.545.578.51212151518
dp (min.)3.323.825.326.788.2811.7311.7314.7314.7317.73
k (max.)
k (min.)4.855.857.829.8211.7915.7915.7919.7419.7421.74
s (max.)56810131617212224
s (min.)4.825.827.789.7812.7315.7316.7320.6721.6723.67
z (max.)1.51.752.252.753.
z (min.)1.251.522.5344556

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