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HSFG Bolt Assembly

High strength bolts or structural bolts are made to be used with heavy hex nuts to connect structural members. To be considered a structural connection, it has to conform to specific ASTM standards; specifically, ASTM A563 or ASTM A194.

Structural bolts are also categorized by grades. The grading system takes into consideration the bolt’s material, its size range, its proof load, the minimum yield strength, and the minimum tensile strength.

Size Range
Diameter Metric: M12 - M48
Length length upto 10
Technical Specifications
Thread Size dM16M20(M22)M24(M27)M30M36
p Pitch of thread22.52.5333.54
b ref For length/Nom =10031363841444956
b ref For length/Nom >10038434548515663
c Max.0.8

c Min.
da Max.18.723.2425.2427.6431.2434.2441.00
ds Max.16.7020.8422.8424.8427.8430.8437.00
ds Min.15.3019.1621.1623.1626.1629.1635.00
dw Max.

dw Min.24.931.433.338.042.846.555.9
e Min.29.5637.2939.5545.2050.8555.3766.44
k Nom1012.514151718.722.5
k Max.10.7513.4014.9015.9017.9019.7523.55
k Min.9.2511.6013.1014.1016.1017.6521.45
k' Min.
r Min.
s Max.27343641465060
s Min.26.16333540454958.8
Chamfer length z Max.

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