" Quality starts from the mind"

We strictly follow the ISO 9001 standards. All the clauses are religiously followed and implemented.
We have a fully documented system, a quality manual, documented procedures as required by ISO 9001 and also documents needed for effective planning, operation and control of the processes.

We have a dedicated team of professionals, with their total commitment to our common goal of quality product manufacturing followed by timely supplies and ensuring total customer satisfaction.

The top management regularly conducts management system planning meetings and training programs to ensure total system implementation.

Since we are a totally integrated manufacturing unit we mostly by only raw materials. Semi finished goods are seldom purchased. There is a fully documented system to ensure the correctness of all parameters for the followings.

   1. In coming goods and raw material
   2. Verification of Purchased Products.
   3. Selection of Vendors.

Control of Production:
This is one of the key areas of the quality system and has to be ensured very effectively, for which we have a very strict In process inspection which is carried out by our inspectors on the shop floor, we have also provided gauges and fixtures on each machine so that the worker can check himself on the spot for its correctness.

Each process has a definite job card, which define its process specification, which is checked by our quality inspector with the gauges, fixtures provided on the machines.

Control of non-confirming products:
We have a non-confirming material report, which is thoroughly audited, and all such kind of material is properly sorted in separate bins earmarked for the purpose. Some of this falls into the Product rework category and the balance is rejection, which is then scraped. During all this process full identification and earmarking is done.

Final material inspection:
This operation is done before the final packing. Visual parameters, critical dimensions and fitting tests are a few of the checks performed in this category.

Handling Storage Packing Delivery:
All the material is packed in pallets, wooden boxes palletized or cardboard boxes palletized and then shrink wrapped in polythene. We have our own forklifts and other lifting equipments for handling of the finished material.

Design and Development:
We have a fully integrated Tool Room with all the basic machinery such as lathes, shaping machine, slotting, milling, surface grinding, drilling, etc.

We also have Verticle Machining Centre (VMC) , E.D.M. (Electronic Discharge Machine). We are in the process of installation of a wire cut machine also.

We have a tool room engineer backed by a design department loaded with latest CAD/CAM software's to design and to see their 3D effect and their virtual physical characteristics or even their motion on computer.

Control of monitoring and measuring devices:
We do most of the Calibration in-house. We have slip gauges and other instruments to do the calibration of Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, Gauges and Fixtures. All the other measuring devices/ Machines are calibrated from Certified outside agencies specializing in calibration. A fully documented record of calibration is kept.

House Keeping:
This aspect is very important and is taken special care of at our facility. On the shop floor we have demarcated areas for the movement of material/ Persons and for the storage of In Process goods. A separate in charge of house keeping is responsible for the cleanliness at all places.

Customer Related processes:
This is one of our main focus areas and we regularly take feedbacks from our customers about our product quality, timely supplies, quantity problems, packing problems, or any other major or minor parameter unattended to by us. We also seek measures for improvement from them.

Preventive Maintenance:
We have a special division catering to the Preventive Maintenance of the Machines, all the data is recorded on the formats and accordingly are implemented so that no unwanted breakdown of machinery occurs. A full schedule for pre maintenance on a monthly, bi-annually and annually basis are maintained.

Improvement and continual improvement:
It is our keen desire to continuously improve ourselves and try to attain a position close to perfection. All our programs/ formats for Corrective action and Preventive action are keenly audited to take out the desired results and the inferences for the course of action to be taken.

Competence, Awareness, Training of Workers and Staff:
Regular classes are taken for the management, staff and all the workers to create awareness about quality, its implications, benefits, so that quality should come from within them. We introduce various awards for excellence in various categories, which also creates competition within themselves, which is always healthy and brings out the best in them. Before recruitment of our employees their competence is minutely judged by their credentials, background, experience and above all by conducting an IQ test.

We continuously monitor the need for maintenance, availability of process equipment and supporting services. Should any of these be missing they are decided in the management review meetings and are effectively implemented. We have always stridden to achieve goal of total integration in manufacturing and hence resources are always on our top priority.

Internal Audit:
Our management representative along with our quality control head regularly do internal audits to determine the various flaws and then chalk out plans to remove those deficiencies and take strong preventive actions/ remedies to avoid their recurrence.

Quality Policy:

To manufacture 100% tested/Inspected/Certified Material, to achieve total customer confidence. To progressively move towards total integration in our manufacturing line using the latest technologies available.

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