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List of Machinery under each process

Cold Forging Section
We have complete facilities for the manufacture of cold forgings particularly fasteners starting from M 8 to M20.

1. Mig Welding.
2. Projection Welding.
3. Spot Welding.
4. Arc Welding.
5. Brazing.

Sheet Metal:

Power Presses of capacity from 5 tons to 300 tons.
2. Hydraulic Presses (Double Action) till capacity of 300 tons
3. Shearing Machines till capacity of 2100 mm.

Forging Section:
Drop Forged Hammer capacity 1.5 ton.
2. Screw Forgings 3 Nos. 150 ton, 250 ton, 350 ton.
3. Induction Heating Machine
4. Circular Bandsaw Machine
5. Metal Gathering capacity 30 mm.
6. Trimming Presses.
7. Belt Grinders, Hand Grinders, Bench Grinders, Buffing Benches etc.
8. Shot Blasting Machine.

Welding Section:
Mig Welding.
2. Projection Welding.
3. Spot Welding.
4. Arc Welding.
5. Brazing.
Heat Treatment:
1. Shaker Hearth Continuous Furnance
2. Rotary Furnace.
3. Water quenching tank.
4. Oil quenching tank.
5. Pit type tempering furnace.
6. Muffle furnaces
7. Hydrogen de-embrittlement furnace.
Machining Section:
1. CNC Machining Centre
Special Purpose Lathes.
3. Millings.
4. Center Less Grinders.
5. Hydraulic Roll Thread Machines.
6. Mechanical Threading, Hot Rolled Threading.
7. Boring Machines.
8. Broaching Machines.
Tool Room:

1. Vertical milling. 5. Drilling machines.
2. Shapers. 6. Surface plate.
3. Lathes. 7. Calibrated Instruments like Verniers, Micrometer, Height gauge, Degree Protractor, dial Indicator.
4. Surface Grinders.

Forging Section
We have complete facilities for the manufacture of closed die hot forging and upset forgings of articles from 250 gms to 5000 gms.

Drop Forged Hammer





3. Upset Forging



5. Circular Bandsaw Machine

Friction Forging




Oil fired furnaces


Heading Machine


Machining Section

1. Machining

5. Grinding

2. Cut Threading 6. Turning
3. Roll Threads 7. Drilling
4. Hydraulic Roll Threading Machines 8. Boring, Broaching
1. CNC Machining Centre      
2. Special Purpose Lathes.

Sheet Metal Section
We have in house facilities for the fabrication of all types of Sheet Metal items, ranging from thickness of 0.5 mm to 15 mm . We have the following machinery installed.

1. Power presses  
2. Hydraulic presses  
3. Shearing machines  

Heat Treatment Section

Rotary Furnace.



                3. Muffle furnaces





   5. Water quenching tank.

Pit type tempering furnace.





      4. Hydrogen de-embrittlement furnace.

Hot Dip Galvanising, Zinc Electroplating, Mechanical Galvanising

1. Zinc bath furnace.
2. Centrifuge Machine.
3. Anti White Rust Protection coating tank.
4. Vibratory Screen.
Rotary Barrel for Mechanical Galvanising.
6. Caustic Barrels.
7. Brightener Tank.
8. And other allied accessories.

We do hot dip galvanizing as per ASTM A153, I.S 1367-Part13, I.S 2629 and other various international standards.

The following parameters are thoroughly checked in our inhouse lab.

1. Coating Thickness.
2. Uniformity in coating.
3. Adhesion of Zinc Coating.
4. Treatment for anti white rust.
5. De-embrittlement test.

We have magentism based Elcometers for checking the coating thickness and the hammer test, stout knife test as prescribed in the CSA and indian standards for the adhesion test.

We use various chemicals and reagents for the pretreatment and post treatment of the metal for having excellent Galvanizing properties.

Through cleaning is done by caustic cleaning, acid pickling before immersion in molten zinc, and then we have a centrifuging machine which spins the galvanized objects thereby removing the excess zinc and thus giving a smooth finish.

We also check the zinc purity percentage in the zinc bath at our in house laboratory and maintain it at 98.00 %.

Our zinc bath kettle has a  maximum depth capacity of 24 inches. We can spin objects upto 24 inches.




Zinc barrel for


All raw materials and finished products go through a vigorous examination in our In-house Laboratory by fully trained Chemists and Technicians, after their approval is given there is a go ahead for the future operations thereby eliminating any defective material at the first stage.
We have the following facilities in our lab.

 Universal Tensile Testing machine with Servo Control capacity 600 kN



  Microscope for all metallurical properties viz. grain structure , inclusions , martensite percentage , decarburisation depth etc. with images analyzing S/W.



  Impact testing machine



  Magnetic particle inspection machine of ITW signoid make for sub surface crack detection.


  Profile projector for seeing the shadows of very small radii and the thread profiles.



  Rockwell hardness testing machine.


     7.  Chemical analysis by wet method for checking of all chemical elements .
 1. Mobile Spectrometer cum alloy analyser of Thermo Scientific.
       2. Chemical analysis by wet method for checking of all chemical elements .

8.   Poldy hardness testing.
9.  Elcometer for coating thickness checking.
10. Calibration of all most of the  above instruments is done in house.

Apart from other test which we cannot do in house we have nationally reputed laboratories  at just stone throw distance from our works.

Some of them are :
1. Auto parts Institute of technology , Ludhiana.
2. Central tool room , Ludhiana.
3. Bicycle research and development centre ,Ludhiana.

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