We are manufacturing high class chain link fence fittings. Our products are made in Ductile Iron Casting/Gray Iron Casting which are special graded Castings thereby replacing the obsolete malleable castings. Each part is thoroughly hot dip galvanized according to ASTM standard. We have large production capacities and our plants are equipped with latest machinery to undertake these jobs. We also undertake development of customized parts according to the buyers requirements as we have a separate R & D section to take care of such jobs.



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Anchors - Painted
Anchors - Galvanised

Brace Railend
Barb Arm -Blade(Universal)UE3
Barb Arm Standard
Barb Arm Heavy (14 G)
Barb Arm Vertical
Barb Arm 6-Wire
Barb Arms - Corner - 3 Wire
Barb Arms - Corner - 6 Wire
Base Plate - Painted
Base Plate - Galvanised
Box Hinge
Bull Dog Hinge
Brace Rail End - Oversize
Brace Bands- Regular 3/4" x 12G
Brace Bands - Bevelled 7/8" x 12G
Brace Bands - Heavy 1" x 11G
Barb Arm
Barbed Wire 5" Spacing 80 RD27 Rolls/Pallet
Brace Band
Barbless Wire 2 Strands 24 Rolls/Pallet
Barb Arm - Oversize

Combo Rail End
Cantilever Locking Latch
Cantilever Post Latch
Clamp - On Roller Bracket
Combo Rail End - Oversize
Carriage Bolts With Nuts
Dome Post Caps
Drop Rod Guide (Residential)
Drop Rod - 1/2" - Round
Double Wheel Carrier Fit 1.5/8" Or 2"
Double Wheel Carrier - Fit - 1.5/8" Or 2"
Double Wheel Trolly - For 1.5/8" Or 2"
Dome Post Cap - Oversize

End Rail Clamps
End Rail Clamps

Floor Flange - Residential
Female Hinge
Flip(Kennel) Latch

Gate Scroll - 3 Piece
Gate Scroll - 1 Piece
Gate Clips
Gate Corner
Gate Corner Industrial
Gate Hold Back
Gaurd Rail Hardware
Gate Stop
GIG Rings

Hex Nuts - Galvanised
Hook Ties

Industrial Offset Hinge
Industrial Dropped Fork & Guide

J - Bolt - Hinge & 2 Nuts Galvanised

Kennel Clamps
Kennel Latch (Flip)
Kennel Hinge
Kennel Clamps
Kennel Clamps (Heavy)
Kennel Clamps

Loop Caps
Line Rail Clamps
Latch - Left, Right or Slide
Line Track Bracket (Universal) - Regular
Line Track Bracket (Universal) - Safety
Line Track Bracket (Bandtype) - Regular
Line Track Bracket (Bandtype) - Safety
Line Track Bracket (Wall Mount) - Regular
Line Track Bracket (Wall Mount) - Safety
Loop Caps - Oversize
Loop Caps - (C.Post)


Male Lag Hinge
Male Hinge
Male Wall Hinge
Male Wall Hinge (Heavy)
Machine Bolts & Nuts - H.D. Galvanised

Offset Rail End
Offset Rail End (Oversize)

Perlin Bracket
Perlin Bracket

Rail End Offset
Rail End - Half Moon
Rear Wheel Track For 1.5/8 (P)
Rear Track Wheel For 1.5/8 (P)
Rear Pipe Bracket
Rolling Gate Latch
Rolling Gate Kit
Rail End Combo(Oversize)
Rail End Brace (Oversize)
Rail End(C. Post)

Saddle Clamps
Short Strech
Swing Gate Single Wheel For 1.5/8" OR 2"
Sleeves - C.Post (Regular)

Trust Rod Tighteners
Tension Bars - Residential 3/16" X 5/8"
Tension Bars - Commercial - 3/16" X 3/8"
Truss Rod - 3/8" With Nut & Washer
Tension Band - Regular - 3/8"X14 G
Tension Band - Bevelled - 7/8"X12G
Tension Band - Heavy 1" X 11G
Tek Screws Self Tapping - Decro Coating

Tension Wire - Galvanised

UE - 3 - (Universal Barb Arm Blades)

Wood To Steel Adaptors
Wood To Steel Adaptors (End)
Wood To Steel Adaptors (Corner)
Wood Post Hanger
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